Your New Life Awaits You


Your New Life Awaits You

Welcome to Samriddhi Reiki . As the name suggests, Samriddhi means abundance, prosperity & this is what Samriddhi wants to help in to create prosperity in society through Reiki. Reiki is an intelligent form of divine energy coming from the ultimate source that can heal your issues & suffering not only of the physical body but also of the past deeds, emotional stress, mental disorders & spiritual awakening, Hence, Samriddhi Reiki works on this direct guidance from the sacred helping you to live the best of your life. Whether it’s a separation or career instability; serious disease, or a failing marriage; business losses, mental health, or a spiritual affinity, Samriddhi Reiki can help through Reiki’s healing touch giving you a fresh start, perspective or can cure it altogether. Curious how? Book a call with us & our representative will get in touch with you to explain further.

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“Many many thanks to Samriddhi Reiki – the feeling is indescribable. So much gratitude to these guys for this energy-shifting session. It’s like re-affirming that yes, whatever you want, not only you will get. It’s here. For real”

Saumya Joshi

“ I’m so overwhelmed by the whole course in a good way. It deconstructs everything that is useless clutter and makes everything so clear and simple. My whole energy feels so much at peace, I was able to let go of deep-rooted traumas – it was like emotional cleansing, feeling lighter. Absolutely life-changing.”

Divleen Singh

“Amazing is the word for it! I felt aligned, I felt in-sync, I felt connected to something higher & beyond me but which is also a part of me. It was as if I got my faith back in myself.”

Ankita Sil

About reiki

We, at Samriddhi Reiki, firmly believe that everyone has the birthright to be limitlessly prosperous – there can never be a measure for that. As being born a human, we have not only been put on Earth to struggle, make ends meet & merely survive. In fact, we are born to thrive. There is a deeper purpose..

About Samriddhi

Samriddhi Reiki Healing is a calling that came to the founders in order to heal & impact the world. We are dedicated to the cause of making an individual become limitless. Samriddhi enables the process of self-healing for removal of patterns & blockages of..