Reiki treatment is absolutely safe irrespective of your condition and does not meddle with any medical treatment. Instead, it acts as an ally to enhance and quicken the process of healing. It is a touch-based healing technique. Reiki healing treatment can be availed for a variety of issues then be it a physical illness or injury, a mental health issue like depression or lower reasoning power, an emotional turmoil like relationship stress or career failure or spiritual awakening for that matter. Reiki treatments are holistic in their approach and work deeply healing the cause. In a standard Reiki healing treatment, you are made to lie down/sit in a comfortable position fully clothed just taking off your shoes & other accessories that might slow down the process. You can then close your eyes visualizing recovery and blossoming health while we start the healing for the related issue.

A calm and quiet environment for such sessions is always recommended. Sometimes, you might want soft music or you might enjoy the silence – always let your practitioner aware of it. Dominantly, Reiki is passed through feather-like touch with the practitioner’s hands healing the particular points in the body. But, as the patient, your experience can be very subjective.

Treatments are booked for in-person or distance healing through appointments. We offer a range of healing options that follows an essential phone/online discussion regarding the issue so we provide you with the best of treatment.

One-time Treatment

 Booked on an urgent basis in an emergency crisis like going for a sudden surgery, accident, or injury

Series Treatment

 This takes care of multiple numbers of healing session within a span of a fixed number of days catering to serious disease, post-

Distance Treatment

Distance healing is quite effective especially if one cannot make it to the center and in urgent situations

Psychic surgery

Psychic Surgery is an effective healing treatment. If deep-seated issues, patterns or past unresolved karmas, evil eye, spirit attacks, black magic, often create blockages in your life & hamper the progress, these can be cured with the help of Psychic Surgery. Often times, your issues & disbalances might manifest itself in physical forms & limiting patterns like frequent accidents, financial blockages, marriage & relationship problems, bad deteriorating health, etc. 

Psychic Surgery is a process which, in one-go, resolves all those limiting patterns without using any of the surgical instruments or equipment used in typical surgery format. This is more of your inner cleansing, healing & re-energizing with Reiki.

Psychic surgery is only performed on two particular days – Thursdays and Saturdays and it takes an invested amount of time to complete this process since we are helping to cure the issues from the root irrespective of how old they are. Throughout the process, the patient is only supposed to experience and feel the therapy and be more open to healing. If you sit there focussed and determined that the whole routine will help you heal and cure, the healing happens more quickly.This process is followed by a twenty-one-day healing process.


People, across the globe, have been learning Reiki to successfully heal their imbalances and for enhanced personal growth. We, at Samriddhi Reiki, also offers various Reiki Levels in order to promote self-healing as well as healing of others. Learn how to channelize this universal life force for your own self & to serve your friends, family, pets, other people, animals, objects and even situations!

We, at Samriddhi, offer Reiki at three levels wherein the first and the second degree is imparted together. In this, we familiarize you with the concept of Reiki, history, self-healing and healing of others, how chakras can be healed so as to cure all the deep-rooted issues for living a balanced life and learning activator symbols for wish fulfillment.

In the Master level, we share the concept of Psychic Surgery and how to do it along with more symbols while in the Teacher level, you embark on the journey to become a Reiki teacher to impart this knowledge with others and help them begin their journey of healin

Learn Reiki to calm your mind, body, and soul; and let love, abundance & peace come into your life! Embark on your spiritual journey, enhance your self worth, intuition, be more aligned & in-sync in your daily life, achieve your goals and and vibrate at a higher level, observe magic happening.

Reiki First Degree teaches the most basic form of healing which should be learned by everyone to heal yourself and others(even plants & animals) and relieve them from their pain & suffering. This serves as a growth system helping to understand your physical, emotional, and mindset issues. The first two levels in Reiki give a thorough background & history of Reiki followed by establishing the connection with Reiki source to become a channel forever through opening one’s Chakras. You will learn the process of performing a complete Reiki session on yourself and others in- person as well as through distance after identifying issues catering to different areas of your life. In Reiki, Chakras & symbols are of very high significance, which if understood & learned properly, can help you to

Reiki Master Level delves deeper & starts with the Master symbol which initiates the healing process from here. You will learn how to do mass healing & how to fulfill wishes better at this level. One of the most important aspects here is you will get to learn the process of doing Psychic surgery. So, what is Psychic Surgery? It is a process through which you will utilize your inner strength & heal. Generally, all your disbalances (physical suffering, emotional distress, mental problems, or past karmas unresolved ) arise as you create blockages which leads to blocking the flow of the life force in your body. These blockages can gather around an organ or a chakra leading to problems & difficulties related to the same. It can become financial issues, relationship issues, weight problems, bad health, education blockages, etc. Psychic Surgery helps you to exactly heal these blockages from the root facilitating the systematic flow of the life force within your body & hence healing the problems as well

Reiki Teacher level is integral for all those who wat to learn in order to start teaching & imparting the knowledge among others. If the purpose is to heal the world & teach at least one person in the family the basic understanding of Reiki to relieve them from pain, suffering & downward spiritual , If you feel deeply to impact the world in a more substantial manner, Id you feel this is your life’s calling-do speak to us to know more about Reiki Teacher level. In this, you will learn & understand the whole attunement  process, i.e when you become a teacher, you’d have to also attune students with the ever-expanding Reiki source. This equips you thoroughly with the step by step procedure of attuning anyone for any of the Reiki levels including mass attunements & distance attunements In addition to it, Samriddhi also teaches how to attune yourself & others for finances & abundance specifically. 

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We, at Samriddhi Reiki, firmly believe that everyone has the birthright to be limitlessly prosperous – there can never be a measure for that. As being born a human, we have not only been put on Earth to struggle, make ends meet & merely survive. In fact, we are born to thrive. There is a deeper purpose..

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Samriddhi Reiki Healing is a calling that came to the founders in order to heal & impact the world. We are dedicated to the cause of making an individual become limitless. Samriddhi enables the process of self-healing for removal of patterns & blockages of..